sired by rdk’s oregon rising son

Alves Promise Keeper

Out of Dream Catcher Keepsake, by BDM Border Ryder

2020 Perlino Gelding, owned by Carol Dombrowsky, bred by Barbara Grunstad Alves


Alves Promise Keeper

I was very excited when I saw this son of Trigger for sale. He was eight months old when he was delivered to me by breeder Barbara Alves. He was a fun baby and loved his toys. He also loves the neighbors who feed him apples and even saved their apple tree from being cut down so he would have a good supply.

He has sired a couple of foals that will arrive in 2024. Mary Anne Morrison of Aranaway chose him to breed to her mare and had nothing but praise for him as a Morgan horse representative of his breed. He is a very sweet gelding now and I am looking forward to having him trained next spring as a western ranch and mountain trail competitor. He will mature at 15-15.2 and is 15 hands now.

Carol Dombrowsky