sired by rdk’s oregon rising son

RDK’s Dancin Doll

Out of Hesperia’s Cameo Ash, by Westridge Ashly Moro

2015 Black Mare, owned by Karen Dickinson & bred by Janene Ayer


I’ve just discovered the nine year old “grade” mare I purchased is actually full Morgan and this gorgeous guy is her sire. I wasn’t looking for a fancy horse… just took her home ‘cuz she was friendly and easy on the eye, but after working with her for a while, I realized I had stumbled onto something really special (lucky me!) and began researching who the heck this outstanding mare really was. She looked like a Morgan, so I sent hair to the AMHA. It turns out she’s RDK’s Dancin Doll (RDK’s Oregon Rising Son x Hesperia’s Cameo Ash). She’s the most talented horse I’ve ever had the honor to own.

Karen Dickinson

RDK's Dancin Doll